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Griffin Owens Insurance Group Blog: car insurance

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Sometimes when people change something about their lives, they are surprised to find out their insurance rate changes, too. This is true with car insurance, as insurance companies use many factors to price auto policies. Knowing what some of these factors are, and why they matter to insurers, can help you better understand rate changes, if they occur. READ MORE >>

Paying attention to the little things during a test drive can save you a headache later. Still, nearly 50% of Americans say they spent 30 minutes or less test driving a car before they buy. Whether you’re buying new or used, test driving a car is an important part of making an informed decision. READ MORE >>

DIY Car Maintenance Tips 1298 Follow these pointers from the pros so you can accomplish these tasks safely and effectively. Tackling certain routine car maintenance chores yourself won’t just save you time and money. You’ll also get the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from doing something yourself. READ MORE >>

A quick temper can put you and others in danger. One-half of drivers who are subjected to aggressive behavior will respond with hostility, according to published research. Anne O’Dwyer, a dean and professor of psychology at Great Barrington, Mass. READ MORE >>

Car Insurance Misconceptions vs. Reality Buying car insurance that’s right for you can be a challenging task, especially with so many options available. You’ll have to navigate through persisting myths as well, but we can clear some of these up for you. Misconception: A red vehicle costs more to insure READ MORE >>

When it comes to car clunks and bangs, ignorance isn’t bliss. Here's a multiple choice question. What do you do when you hear a funny noise from your vehicle? Ignore it Convince yourself that it's coming from the car next to you Turn up your stereo so you can't hear it READ MORE >>

Theft Protection Tips for the Valuables Inside Your Car Auto thefts happen every day – but don’t make it easy for thieves to “smash and grab.” For instance, don’t park your car in a lot and leave your wallet or purse on the passenger seat. READ MORE >>

6 Ways to Save on Car Insurance for Teenagers Posted on March 7 As a parent, you can expect your car insurance premiums to increase once your teen driver gets behind the wheel.  In fact, adding a teenage driver to your policy can nearly double your premiums. READ MORE >>

Top 5 Auto Insurance Myths August 2013 Knowing the truth can save you time, money and unnecessary hassles. With all the information available at our fingertips, it can be difficult to weed out what is true and what is misleading. This holds true for auto insurance. READ MORE >>

Car Safety for Pets Expert Tips for Driving With Pets As the weather gets warmer, more dog owners will take their pets for car rides, something most dogs love to do.  Before you pull your car out of the driveway, be sure to make the trip safe for you and your pet. READ MORE >>

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