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We will be opening our new office in Falls Church on 2/1/2016!  The new address is 7637 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church VA 22043.  Check out our news letter by clicking HERE for more information on our office locations or you can click HERE for a map.  Please stop by for a visit and a cup of coffee! READ MORE >>

Find out how to make your car stand out so you can "close the deal." Thanks to a wealth of online sites on which you can post an ad, selling a car online is easier than ever. But therein lies the challenge: Because it’s so simple, there’s more competition than ever. READ MORE >>

Can you keep a thief from heading to Mexico with your credit card number? You bet. Just take these precautions. According to an annual study conducted by the Javelin Strategy and Research Center, almost 10 million people a year are victims of identity theft. One potential cause: more people are shopping online now. READ MORE >>

Every hour of the day, criminals use tricks and sophisticated tools to try to break into people’s email, internet banking and records. Once they have them, an individual’s vital information – possibly even credit card numbers – can be used anywhere in the world. READ MORE >>

The way you drive directly impacts the amount of gas your vehicle requires. Find out how to spend less. Want to get a great deal on gas – like less than $2.80 a gallon? Well, you’d have to drive to Laredo, Texas, to cash in, as prices there recently hit a national low of just $2. READ MORE >>

You can lapse into bad habits no matter how experienced you are. Even seasoned motorists can slip up on certain, potentially unsafe practices. To find out what those mistakes are, we recently spoke to Bill Windsor, associate vice president of consumer safety for Nationwide.   READ MORE >>

It is cold today and it is only getting colder tonight.  I could tell the temperature outside just by listening to the types of homeowner claims we get.  As the temperature drops we begin seeing more and more frozen pipes claims. READ MORE >>

SIX STEPS THAT CAN HELP YOU IDENTIFY PROBLEMS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. About 12 million Americans have fallen victim to identity theft, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Typically, by the time you realize you have been scammed, the damage has already been done. READ MORE >>

Know what to look for and how to navigate around it. It's the "hidden" road hazard — one that many motorists discover too late. That would be black ice, a practically invisible stretch of smooth, clear ice. Because it's so transparent, drivers will mistake this for a dry roadway, able to spot black ice only if they see a shine due to optimal lighting conditions. READ MORE >>

Follow these simple tips to keep the bugs at bay. Schools, playgrounds and childcare facilities are full of energy and fun—but they’re also full of germs. Any place where lots of kids come in contact with one another is likely to have a high level of illnesses. READ MORE >>

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